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Experience and Expertise

MBi Nutraceuticals has 30 years of experience creating healthful products using the finest raw ingredients and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and techniques. We manufacture supplements in vegetarian and gelatin capsules, tablets, and liquid, oil, and powder forms. We also produce gels, creams and lotions for skin care, and more. We have the expertise to help you create almost any type of professional health product you...

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Nutraceuticals and Supplements

MBi can deliver nutraceutical supplements in many forms: uncoated tablets; gelatin, vegetarian, and colored capsules in sizes 0 and 00; liquids; and powders. As for the range of product purposes, the products we manufacture have been used in weight loss, meal replacement, brain health, detoxification, metabolic process support, joint health, and gender-related...

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Skin Care and Creams

MBi Nutraceuticals has extensive experience in manufacturing skin care products—including moisturizers, toners, cleaners, anti-aging and skin-tightening creams, and exfoliating creams. We create formulations that achieve maximum skin absorption, and produce sports creams that aid in muscle and joint relief during and after...

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