Choosing a Nutraceutical Manufacturer: 3 Tips to Keep You On Track

Choosing a Nutraceutical Manufacturer: 3 Tips to Keep You On Track

Have you ever stood in the shampoo aisle, trying to decide if all the marketing jargon the different brands use actually means anything and if there’s really any difference between them? Choosing a private label manufacturer for your nutraceutical or supplement shouldn’t elicit the same kind of blank stares, but for industry outsiders, it can be difficult to know what sets manufacturers apart.

That’s where this guide comes in. Your product deserves a nutraceutical manufacturer that can meet and exceed your expectations, and we want to help you find them. That’s why we’ve put together this brief guide with three tips on vetting potential supplement and nutraceutical manufacturers: to help you to know what you’re looking for.


Meet Them in Person

In contrast to the usual advice we’re all given about people we find on the internet, you really should meet the people you’re considering doing business with. Have a face-to-face meeting with them to get a feel for how they do business and to be sure they can answer your questions.


When you do this, you’re trying to determine several different things simultaneously:

  • Are they experts in their field?
  • Do they provide top-notch customer service?
  • Do they adhere to honest and ethical business practices?
  • Are they familiar with/capable of handling your product?

If possible, take a tour of their facilities as part of this in-person meeting so you have first-hand knowledge of how they operate. If visiting their plant and meeting them in person are both out of the question, then be sure to at least speak with them over the phone to address whether they know what they’re doing generally and whether they can handle your project specifically (more on both of those below).


Check Their Expertise

As mentioned above, when you’re having your in-person or phone conversation to determine how qualified the manufacturer is, you’re looking to determine how experienced they are. To do this, ask them about their processes and what steps they take to reach a final, finished product.  They should be able to answer concisely, stating the areas of control points along the way, including testing, verification, and QA/QC through the entire process.

The big red flag here is if they can’t give you specifics about their processes. Vague answers should concern you, and you should certainly press for more accurate responses. If the person you speak to initially can’t offer them, ask to talk to someone who can. If there’s no one who can do that, you know the manufacturer isn’t for you.


Discuss the Project

Once you’ve determined that they’re competent in their field, you need to be sure they’re actually capable of producing your product. Here again, you’re going to press them for specifics, like you were trying to get the last drops out of a bottle of hair product. Get down to brass tacks on your project, and ask them what other product runs they’ve completed that have been similar.


What kind of questions should you be asking? Here are some ideas just to name a few:

  • Are you capable of producing a run as small/large as this one?
  • How does this product differ from your usual product runs?
  • Does this project require ingredients you’re unfamiliar with?
  • What projects have you completed that were like this one? How long did they take?

It goes without saying that blank stares and hemming or hawing are bad signs. If their answers don’t make you feel confident, don’t commit to using them as a manufacturer.

Finding a manufacturer you can trust isn’t always easy, but we do our best to make that search easier, starting with ourselves. With MBi, you’ll get professional expertise with a personable attitude. You’ll be able to talk to us directly and ask the hard questions—and you’ll always get specific answers.

We have extensive experience in all phases of product development and manufacturing, including supply chain and receiving, testing, label specifications and standards, and filling and meeting deadlines. We’ve invested heavily in the testing and verification of finished goods, and we have control points that guarantee a quality, consistent, and safe product.

In other words, we strive to deliver a viable and effective product, and we make sure you’re happy at every stage along the way. So while we can’t guarantee we’ll solve your dandruff problem, we can promise you a “silky, smooth” experience. Contact us today, and see how we can make your product idea a reality.