Nutraceutical Product Development

MBi can oversee and guide all aspects of your neutraceutical product development. We have 30 years of experience in supplements and personal care products.

The MBi Difference

Product development is a process that requires creativity, a broad spectrum of available raw materials, years of formulation experience, and a complete understanding of best manufacturing practices. MBi takes great pride in having the tools required for each of these elements of product development.

With 30 years of experience in the nutraceutical industry, MBi is able to offer full-service product development. We can oversee every aspect of the process for you, from the product formulation all the way to packaging and shipping the product.

We can help you pick out custom packaging and design it for you—offering options such as bottling, sleeve label technology and shrink labeling. Our experienced team will use our decades of formulation expertise, and current scientific research, to create the best formula and bring your idea to life.

At many stages of the process, it is important to test the product and the raw ingredients. We have our own lab and expert staff to perform that service quickly, which allows development to continue in a timely way. This includes testing the efficacy of the product, as well as its stability to ensure the expiration date is accurate.

Our mission, ever since MBi was founded in 1985, has been to bring balance back to consumers’ lives through health-boosting products. We are ready to assist new entrepreneurs and established companies alike that are aligned with that mission.

Your Product Development Department

MBi has the positive attitude and belief that we can solve any manufacturing challenge—and the 30 years of experience to back this up. We can become the product development department for your company. Our team members have extensive education and experience in chemistry, food science, engineering, microbiology, and other fields.

As a company, our knowledge is based on a broad scope of experience in vitamins and nutritional products, phytochemistry, microbiology, herbal medicine and manufacturing. We have developed and produced over 3,000 product formulas, so you can feel comfortable consulting with us on any formulation or production issue.

We take pride in sourcing only the best raw materials from all over the world. Because we want to improve the health of consumers, we avoid any ingredients that do not meet our high standards. Our biochemist and support staff work in conjunction with our quality control and assurance team to ensure only the highest quality and most effective formulas are produced to meet all expectations. You and your consumers will consistently receive products of the most refined and effective quality.

MBi will work to help your company grow. We’ll help you ship to any state in the U.S. and can assist you in requesting product entrance into other countries. We will oversee all the work in our cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility in Lindon, Utah: creating pilot batches, performing stability studies, scaling up the manufacturing process for mass production, and making sure your labels are FDA compliant.

We care about our clients’ success as if it’s our own success. Contact us for a free quote and learn just how much we can achieve together.