Custom Formulation

Whether you need supplement formulation or have a formulation that needs to be fixed, MBi can offer a solution.

Custom Formulation Nutraceuticals from an Idea

Achieving the optimal mix of ingredients isn’t easy. It takes a unique set of skills to capture the right texture in a cream, achieve the correct solubility for a protein powder, or ensure the stability and shelf life of a product. It also requires top-of-the-line equipment and an experienced team to ensure a product is consistent across every batch.

You know what you want to create. Maybe you have a custom vitamin or supplement for brain health in mind, or maybe you’ve come up with the perfect sports cream. But you might not have the experience to create a formula that is ready for manufacturing, even if you know the basic ingredients you want to use. How do you turn that idea into a finished product that will benefit your consumers?

That’s where we come in. Using over three decades of chemistry and formulation experience, we help you develop a custom product that uses high-quality ingredients, achieves the effects you require, and meets high standards of texture and flavor..

Then,we thoroughly test the product to guarantee safety, efficacy, stability, and other important factors. To finish, we handle everything from production runs to boxing up and shipping your product to you, anywhere in the U.S.

Reformulating a Challenging Product

Maybe you have been working with a different manufacturer and have run into quality issues. If you’ve had inconsistent results between batches, MBi can help. Using our high quality ingredients and thorough processes, we can fix any issues you had in the past that relate to texture, microbial growth, bitterness, and more.

Our expert staff uses our fully-equipped laboratory to test different custom formulations until a final product meets the desired specifications. We don’t start production until we have the formulation perfect.

Producing a Minimum Order

MBi understands the plight of new entrepreneurs and is happy to help you establish yourself in the industry by offering lower minimum order sizes. We’ll work with you to find the ideal order size to suit your company at every step of growth. Ordering larger quantities can save you money on product, packaging, and labels and allow you to order less-frequently.

If you’re not ready to produce large quantities, we can manufacture a smaller amount of product as you’re starting out. Then we can scale up the order size as you grow your business. From 5,000 bottle orders to 50,000 bottle orders, we do it all. And if you’re not sure what order size is right for you, we can give you our expert advice to help you decide.

Elements of Custom Product Formulation

At MBi, our team of experts is focused on optimizing the efficacy, safety, and salability of each product we formulate. When customizing a product formulation, we look closely at the following elements:



What is the most effective format for your product? Is it best absorbed as a liquid or a powder? Capsule or tablet? We review dosage compared to bottle size and the ease of customer use.



Color options are definitely dependent on the raw materials used, but with the right formulation, the color of your product can add to its overall desirability. With a nearly limitless supply of high-quality raw materials, MBi looks closely at color variations, saturation options, and how color is affected by the manufacturing process.   



With thousands of flavor options originating from flavor houses around the world, MBi can create nearly any custom flavor profile you can imagine. We can mask bitter raw materials or brighten any fruit-flavored combination. Our familiarity with flavors makes it easy to replicate or match your desired taste.



A formulation’s mouthfeel can make a huge difference in a customer’s experience with a product, especially when powders are mixed with liquids. Solubility, smoothness, and aftertaste are each carefully evaluated for each product during the research and development phase. 

Lotions, gels, and topical products are also influenced by texture and feel. With years of experience, the MBi team understands the importance of these elements and works tirelessly to ensure that the texture of a product is pleasing to the end user. 


Optimal Absorption

Nutrient absorption is a huge factor when getting the most out of a product. Creating formulas that the body can absorb and utilize allows customers to get the maximum benefit each time they take it or use it.

We always consider how the body will use each ingredient. We determine how the skin absorbs the product in order to best nourish or treat the skin and how the digestive system will utilize the active ingredients.

Elements of Custom Packaging

Bottle Options

MBi has access to a nearly limitless collection of bottle options, sourced throughout the world from the top manufacturers. We’ll review size, color, format, and origination to ensure product safety, shipping security, and marketing requirements.


Dispensing Systems

The way a product is dispensed is crucial to the end user’s experience. Airless pumps allow smooth lotions and gels to dispense seamlessly. High quality droppers, sprayers, and caps ensure that products will remain secure and limit leaking or potential shipping issues. Each product is closely reviewed to determine what the most effective dispensing system is for specific formulations. 


Metal Detection

Ensuring product safety is our number one priority. Each product packaged in our facility is processed through a state-of-the-art metal detection system.


Single Bottle Inspection

Products packaged at MBi are individually examined by our team of packaging experts to review lotting accuracy, perfect label placement, safety sealing, and overall packaging quality.



Lotted inventory is product that has been tracked with a specific number. This process is a required element of manufacturing, especially for perishable goods. Each product is individually lotted for traceability, raw material review, testing, and to ensure consistency between batches.


Automated Packaging

MBi has invested heavily in our automated packaging capability. We have the ability to move products through the packaging lines quickly, safely, and efficiently. Our automated packaging systems ensure consistency in finished products, quicker turnaround times, and smoother transitions between runs.  


Sleeve Labels

Sleeve labels are an amazing way to dress up any custom product. Smooth lines, finish options, and a sharp-looking final product make sleeve labeling an amazing marketing tool.

Get a Quote on a Custom Formulation

Whatever the product, we have the expertise to help you customize and produce it. We’re eager to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life and will support you every step on your journey. Our experienced team will ensure you have the highest-quality product to wow your customers. Contact MBi to discuss your next project and to get a free quote. Find our contact page below to get started.