Vitamin Manufacturing

With full-service vitamin manufacturing, the experts at MBi are ready to handle your vitamin production at any stage of the process.

MBi Brings Private Label Vitamins to Life

At MBi, we love supporting new entrepreneurs who can help people live a healthier lifestyle. We assist companies all over the world, taking their nutraceutical products from only a vision to a high-quality product. Our low vitamin production minimums give more companies a chance at creating an innovative health product that can change their customers’ lives for the better.

Vitamins are important because the human body needs 13 essential vitamins, yet many people have vitamin deficiencies that affect their well-being. For example, approximately 10 million Americans have iron deficiencies and, and 42 percent of Americans are vitamin D-deficient. This is why Americans spend $30 billion each year in the vitamin industry.

If you’re struggling to work out your formula or looking to switch vitamin manufacturers, we can help. We create private label vitamins from start to finish, so no matter where you are in the production process, we are ready to jump in and help you get it in front of your target audience.

A Dedicated Team of Scientists

The scientists and vitamin manufacturing specialists at MBi collectively have decades of experience bringing vitamin supplements to life for our clients. Our 30 years in the industry give us a vast understanding of chemistry, food science, engineering, and more. As a private label vitamin manufacturer, we apply this knowledge to every step of the process.

We can output 75,000 units per day, and we’ll never sacrifice on quality. We’ve created more than 3,000 formulas in our time in the industry, and have the experience to make your formula a reality. In the end, you’ll get an unparalleled product your customers will fall in love with.

Sourcing Only the Finest Ingredients

We know that the best products are the ones that make a noticeable difference in the lives of your customers. For this reason, we focus on creating the best products on the market. Sourcing only the finest ingredients, our private label vitamins are made up of only the purest materials from all over the world.

Biochemists and our quality control team takes every product through rigorous testing, making sure it stands up to our high standards. At the end of the process, we also test the validity of expiration dates to make sure customers can always be confident in vitamin freshness.

Full-Service Vitamin Manufacturing

Whether you’re looking for hard gelatin capsules, vegetarian capsules, tablets, or any other form of vitamin, MBi can handle the job. As a full-service private label vitamin manufacturer, we produce supplements to suit your vision. And if you’re looking for unique, high-quality packaging to match your product, we can help there, too.

We can source your packaging components, including bottles, sleeves, caps, boxes and jars. We will also recommend partners who can assist you with label design and printing. Our team with even review your label for compliance. MBi offers extensive services so you can focus on other aspects of marketing and growing your business, without worrying about the quality of your product.

Quality Customer Service

You can rest assured we’ll be at your service every step of the way, keeping you in the loop with open communication and total transparency. Customers are our priority, and we are committed to making sure you’re completely satisfied with the final product.

As a family-owned business, we believe in values like helpfulness, kindness, and responsiveness. Everything we do is to fulfill our mission of keeping customers happy, from our careful testing to attention to detail in the production process.

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