Why the Colloidal Silver Market is Growing

Why the Colloidal Silver Market is Growing

Colloidal silver is a supplement that’s growing in popularity. But what is colloidal silver, and why is it becoming so popular? We’ll give you the low-down in the article below. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about why the colloidal silver market is growing—and how you can take advantage of it.


What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is made up of microscopic silver particles suspended in liquid, such as demineralized water or ionized water. This commercially sold product is taken orally and has many health benefits.

Silver is a supplement and alternative therapy that has been used for thousands of years as a healing agent. Ancient Greeks used silver to keep their water fresh, and doctors used silver sutures for surgical wounds in the early 1800s.

After a brief period of setting silver aside, silver had an upsurge in use in conventional medicine starting in the 1970s. Colloidal silver especially became popular again, touted for its ability to kill disease organisms and microbes.


The Growing Market for Colloidal Silver

This natural antibiotic is used as a dietary supplement, for water treatment, and to treat a variety of diseases. Use of colloidal silver has increased due to many factors, including high-profile organizations using colloidal silver to fight bacteria. For example, in 2014, the country of Sierra Leone started using silver to fight Ebola.

The colloidal silver market size was valued at a promising $14.5 million in 2018, but those numbers are projected to grow to $32.3 million by 2028. This is an incredible 8.3% increase per year for the global market in a 10-year period.


Uses for Colloidal Silver

There are many ways consumers use colloidal silver, including dietary supplements and water treatment. Researchers are finding more ways to use the mineral all the time, which could be attributing to its rising popularity. Here are just a few ways consumers can benefit from using colloidal silver:



Manufacturing Colloidal Silver

Are you a nutraceutical company looking to expand your business? If so, colloidal silver is a promising supplement to add to your product lineup. Market growth projections and the varied uses for colloidal silver prove that colloidal silver is a promising addition to any nutraceutical product line.

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