4 Things That Will Improve Your Custom Product Packaging

4 Things That Will Improve Your Custom Product Packaging

Most people would consider advertising, social media, and product listings as important marketing tactics, and they’re right. But the visual appeal of your custom packaging, whether displayed online or on a store shelf, is a critical way for people to get a feel for your product. As a bearer of skin care products, sports supplements and creams, nutraceutical products or supplements, your packaging is a critical part of what sells your product.


Whether they know it or not, product packaging often drives someone to buy one product over another. Since people can’t see the product inside, custom packaging is the best way for you to put your best foot forward. Here are a few elements of custom product packaging that will help your nutraceuticals, skin care products, supplements or sports creams stand out.



Your company has its own unique selling position and personality. There are reasons why it stands above the rest. When designing packaging, make sure it reflects what makes you, you. If you dance to a different drummer than your competitors, your packaging should, too.


The photography or illustrations you use should ring true to your brand. As you start the design process, look at the layouts, colors, fonts, and shapes of other packaging. What can you do that shows your unique personality? If you’re not sure, then maybe you need to work with your marketing team to ensure your brand is fully developed and understood.



Memorability isn’t just for brand names and positioning statements. When someone is thinking about buying your nutraceutical product, its packaging should stay in their mind. Even if they don’t remember your brand name, they should be able to identify your packaging when they see it again. It should make them stop scrolling or scanning the aisle and remember, “Oh yeah, that’s the one!”


Memorable packaging depends highly on visual impact. Maybe the colors, font, or shape of the box are different. Maybe yours comes in a glass jar or mylar bag instead of the typical plastic bottle. Maybe you use an illustration when most others use photos. Choose at least one element that will make people remember your custom packaging.



Potential buyers should be able to look at your packaging and immediately know what the product is for and what brand is behind it. Make sure your labeling clearly and concisely communicates both, with a recognizable logo and description.


When designing product packaging, it’s easy to go overboard on design elements just because you like them, or you think they stand out. But if your labeling is too crowded or there’s too much going on, it’s likely going to confuse customers. Try showing your package design to others without giving them any background, and see how quickly they can digest what it is and what it’s for. They shouldn’t have to study it to know.



What’s the best way for your skin care product to be dispensed? Is your sports cream or supplement likely to leak or settle during shipping? Will it be hard to get out of the package? Your product packaging should keep your customers’ at-home experience in mind. If the scoop for your powder is a bad fit for the bag, or your product is a liquid that’s going to come out of the bottle too quickly, users might get frustrated and decide not to buy again.


Make your product packaging as pleasant to use as possible, and you’ll likely see better sales. Remember when Heinz turned their bottle upside-down so people didn’t have to shake the bottle? As a result of the new packaging, their sales took off. This is just one example of how a practical package design can be a deciding factor for nutraceutical consumers.


Summing Up

Product packaging is a critical, but often overlooked part of your marketing plan. Packaging that communicates, resonates, and functions well can make a huge difference in the way your product sells.