7 Things Key to Include on Your White Label Nutraceuticals

7 Things Key to Include on Your White Label Nutraceuticals

Custom product labeling is not only essential for listing important and required information, but it also serves as a way to promote your private label supplements, tell a story, and share your brand identity. It’s important to label your custom nutraceuticals correctly so people have the information they need to safely purchase and use your product. Whether you’re selling supplements, creams, sports gels, or other white label nutraceuticals, here are the most important things you should include on your product labels.


1. Product Name

A product name, or statement of identity, is required for all products so consumers know exactly what they are purchasing. If you’re selling a dietary supplement, you must use terms that are easily recognizable by consumers and ones that are standard. For example, a dietary supplement could be named, “dietary supplement.” Another common practice for labeling custom nutraceuticals is to replace “dietary” with whichever supplement your custom product packaging contains, such as, “biotin supplement” or “zinc supplement.” Make sure your product name is easy to read, prominent on your packaging, and parallel to the base of your container.


2. Product Measurements

Referred to by the FDA as the “net quantity of contents statement,” your product measurements simply include the quantity, weight, or size of your product (minus container) in either metric or US customary units. This is so consumers know exactly how much of your product they can expect to get when purchasing.


3. Contact Information

Companies are also required to include business contact information on their custom product packaging. This includes the phone number, business street address, name of the business, and who the manufacturer, packer, and distributors are. For white label nutraceuticals, you need to include the information from your private label manufacturer.


Including more information is not only required, but it also builds trust with your customers. Some companies choose to take this a step further and provide their social media contact information to encourage customers to interact with the brand. Greater transparency equates to greater trust with your customers.


4. Ingredients

Your ingredients list for private label supplements is typically included on the back label of your custom product packaging. This information must include any compound used in your supplements as well as any spices and natural or artificial flavors. For the ingredients list, you must list ingredients from most prominent to least.


5. Directions and Nutrition Information

Product directions for use are also required and are located next to your ingredients and nutritional information on the back panel of your custom product packaging. Here you must include the names and amounts of your ingredients, calories, serving size, percent daily values, and the amount per serving.


6. Product Warnings

Finally, your product label must include a warning statement that is prominently featured directly on your product containers. This should contain any information relating to accidental overdose and instructions on what to do should an overdose occur. This might include contacting a doctor or poison control center for further assistance.


7. Additional Information

Although you are required to include certain information on your product label, other information such as a product description, product story, and your brand logo and design should also be featured. These marketing elements can be included on your label or on your custom product packaging to help market your materials to potential consumers. Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing your custom product packaging:


  • Include a Product Description: Keep it short and emphasize the benefits of your product for your consumer.


  • Tell Your Story: Customers value authenticity. Use your product packaging to tell customers what your brand is all about.


  • Feature a Prominent Logo: Keep it front and center to make your brand recognizable.


  • Establish a Brand Personality: Is your brand fun? Witty? Professional? Convey it through your packaging.


Carefully designed custom product packaging can help you better market your product to potential customers.


Custom Product Packaging

Complying with regulations when labeling dietary supplements and other custom nutraceuticals can get tricky. Thankfully, as a private label manufacturer, MBi provides custom product packaging for your private label supplements and white label nutraceuticals and ensures all labeling meets regulations—so you don’t have to. Spend more time telling your story and creating the best products for your customers and leave the labeling up to us. Contact MBi to get a quote on high-quality private label nutraceuticals.