A Guide to Custom Formulation: Manufacturers, Formulas, and More

A Guide to Custom Formulation: Manufacturers, Formulas, and More


No matter what industry you consider, there are seemingly endless options serving every niche of the market. This means that consumers can afford to be choosier than ever, so what is your business doing to stand out? One of the best ways to reach your target audience is by using custom formulation to create a totally unique, high-quality product.


What is Custom Formulation?

Custom formulation is when a product is made just for your company, according to your specifications. Custom products can be made based on other existing products, or be made completely from scratch with their own unique formula. Custom manufacturers can help fine-tune the product until it’s perfect.


Why Create a Custom Formulation?

Studies show that custom formulation currently makes up only a small percentage of the personal care industry, but that number is growing with the demand for organic and natural products. By diving into the world of product formulation, your company will be ahead of the trend and catch the attention of forward-thinking consumers. You’ll stand out for your attention to detail and use of quality ingredients.


Choosing the Right Manufacturer

Before you begin your journey in product formulation, it’s important to find the right manufacturer’s help to properly execute the task. Take time to research your options and seek out a reputable manufacturer who has an expert research team, uses the finest ingredients, and has a thorough process for formulating new products. Choosing the best manufacturer will allow you to be confident about every product that ends up in the hands of your customers. A great manufacturer will also help you during each stage of production.


Creating the Product

Once you’ve selected a high-quality manufacturer, it’s time to create the product. There’s a lot that goes into custom formulation, so get to know the process and don’t try to skip over any of the details. Here are some things you’ll need to consider as you formulate your product:

  • Type of Product: First, you need to decide on the type of product you want to produce. The best manufacturers will have the capability to create many types of custom products including vitamins, protein powders, skincare products, and more.
  • Form of Product: With your product type narrowed down, you’ll now need to decide what form you want to sell the product in. You can choose from liquid, gel, powder, and many others.
  • Consistency: You’ll also need to decide on the consistency of the product. This may seem like a minor detail, but consistency will play a big part in how customers feel about the product, so make sure you give it due consideration.
  • Flavor: If your product will be tasted, what flavor do you want for your product? Taste and scent are very important to the branding of your product and will influence customer satisfaction.
  • Add-Ins: With the basics covered, you’ll finally need to think about any extras you want to add to the product formula. For example, some nutraceuticals require bitterness blockers to enhance the taste.


Packaging the Product

You’ve done the hard work of creating the perfect custom formulation, but your job isn’t done yet. Now you need to choose how to package the product. This is your chance to wow your customers, so think carefully about what first impression you want to give. How do you want your product to feel in the hands of your customers? Do you want to use non-traditional packaging to catch their attention?

Most products can be packaged in glass bottles, plastic bottles, bags, jars, stick packs and more. Whatever type of packaging you choose, make sure the package design is consistent with your brand and the purpose of your product.


Labeling the Product

The label is another important aspect of the package design. A label can only hold so much information, so take time to highlight the benefits of your product and show what sets it apart from the competition. Make life easier by choosing a manufacturer that will review your label to ensure regulatory compliance.


MBi’s Custom Formulation

If you’re looking for a reputable manufacturer to help you produce a custom formulation, look to MBi. With over three decades of experience under our belts, we’re the best choice for creating a high-quality product that meets your high standards.

We’ve fine-tuned the formulation process and always work hard to guarantee the safety, stability, and quality of our products. It takes an expert team to craft the perfect formula, and MBi is up to the job, no matter what you have in mind. Learn more about MBi’s custom formulation options today!